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after a storm killed her parents and two siblings in indiana. in henryville, indiana, school has been canceled for the entire week. that's because of heavy damage to campuses that house students from elementary to high school. but still, somehow, people manage to find reasons for optimism. >> we came over the hill and saw the steeple was here. so we knew that the church was still here. and that to us was a symbol. and also to find god as people of faith. >> crews in the affected areas are working hard to restore units. 19,000 homes and businesses are still without power in kentucky alone. >>> 4:36. >>> there was a warning, 20 years before the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. a retired geologist for pacific gas and electric said he told the company in 1990 that the section of pipe that exploded in 2010 should be replaced. the are chronicle reports he felt it was dangerous because it was built on fill that could settle. pg&e has not released the geologist's report. >>> investigators are trying to determine if squatters in san francisco caused a fire that displaced 28 people. the
the men. they are heading to indiana as the 8th received in the raleigh region. they will face iowa in the first round. if they win they face notre dame after that. so they have a tough row to hoe but they are in and hopefully cal will do well. >> rooting for cal. >>> we have an amazing athletic play in a high school championship game in colorado. this is unbelievable. take a look at the buzzer. a big leap. >> this guy will never forget that shot. one player missed what was expected to be the final shot in overtime. another one soars in with the magic tip. it goes in with the left hand. play gave the school their first title in colorado school history. >> i imagine that guy is a bmoc on the school, his highlights all over the world. >> what a stud. >> look at that. >> just with a tenth of a second to go. >> that's awesome. >> great stuff. >>> coming up, we have a showdown in the south. >> gop presidential hopeful looking to revive his campaign. >> and also, more unrest in afghanistan. the new attack on a village where a u.s. soldier had opened fire. >> and after taking a plea deal,
headstones will be placed on previously unmarked graves. >>> 4:50. students in indiana are preparing to go back to school almost a half of henryville schools destroyed in last week's tornadoes. students could return next week at the henryville junior senior high school. school officials say they can save half of what's left of the school. they are relying now on donations for just about everything from desks to buses to get things hopefully back to normal. >>> and windy weather was too much for a gas station in massachusetts. it knocked over a canopy which landed on top of a car. the driver of the minivan was not in the vehicle at the time. good thing there. national weather service said winds got up to 50 miles per hour. it was in the 60s, believe it or not, down in new england yesterday. so the weather is a little wacky right now. >> that's new bedford. now where that is? >> down on the south coast of massachusetts. >> is it always windy over there? >> it was that day, i got news for you. >> i lived in wyoming and i have never seen such strong winds until i lived there. all right. let's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3